Widzew fights for the New Record with Stellis One Ticketing!

Widzew Łódź, one of the most successful teams in Poland, managed to set a new Polish record – within 24 hours it sold as many as 6,168 season tickets! Thanks to the support of Stellis One Ticketing, the leading ticketing platform, the club united its dedicated community and decided to fight for a prestigious place in the Book of Records.

The previous, last year’s Polish record, which amounted to 4,073 season tickets, also belonged to Widzew. This time, the Łódź club decided to go a step further and present its success to the whole world. While striving for another record, Widzew invited a judge representing the Bureau of Records to obtain an official certificate of the Polish record and apply for an entry in the Guinness Book of Records.

The result of 6,168 tickets sold in 24 hours (and the number may still increase – payments from orders are still flowing in) is proof of the great loyalty and commitment of Widzew fans who want to support their team at every step. The club’s technology partner, Stellis, also played a key role in helping to achieve this success. Stellis has been supporting Polish sport for years, offering advanced technological solutions and strategic consulting. Their support not only helped the clubs meet their sales targets, but also increased their professionalism and operational capacity.

But this is not the only success technologically supported by Stellis One Ticketing. Ruch Chorzów also broke its ticket sales record, previously set in the 2015/2016 season. At that time, a total of 4,525 season tickets were sold. This number was exceeded just a week after the start of sales, currently it is around 4601 and … still growing!. This not only shows the dedication and loyalty of the fans, but also confirms that Ruch Chorzów remains one of the most popular clubs in the country.

  – Stellis is a proud technology partner of Widzew and Ruch Chorzów and is proud of their ticket sales success. The involvement of both clubs in the development of Polish football is extremely important for their community. Thanks to innovative technologies and a strategic approach, Stellis continues its mission to help clubs achieve outstanding results and break records. I am glad that even with such huge interest and sales, we are a solid and reliable partner, because we have done everything so that the fans can efficiently buy season tickets and contribute to new records – says Łukasz Gąsiorowski, Stellis CEO.