Widzew basketball enters a new technological area!

Grot Widzew Łódź has a pre-Christmas surprise for the fans, prepared together with the Stellis brand. This is a new website!

Such a move by the Łódź club only confirms the fact that the Widzew players want to ensure not only a good and smooth information strategy, but also that the fans can follow the fate of their beloved team in an even easier and more convenient way. In the era of social media, the website is still a very important club medium and now the club has decided to take care of this communication channel as well.

The new MUKS website was created based on the Stellis One platform. This allows its integration with the club’s social media channels, which will be a great help for the fans. The work of club editors will also be improved as Stellis One automatically downloads the fixture list, match results and video content, photo galleries and publishes them on the website. In addition, the new website also has the “smart cropping” function, which when adding news allows you to mark the most important point of the photo, and the system itself supervises the cropping in all photo formats and adjusts its size to individual resolutions of the final screens.

– The website administration itself is very simple and intuitive, thanks to which there are no problems with website implementation and its management. At the same time, the modern layout and arrangement of individual elements on the website creates a very good impression – says Łukasz Gąsiorowski, CEO of Stellis.

“I think it’s a big step forward.” I am glad that the club is still developing not only in terms of sports, but also organizational and marketing. I hope that the fans like the website and that our upcoming season on the pitch will be as successful as its beginning in terms of organization – says Ryszard Andrzejczak, president of Grot Widzew Łódź.

Grot’s new website is available at www.widzewkosz.pl