Tickets for Aluron CMC Warta Zawiercie on StellisOne!

A week before the start of the new PlusLiga season, Aluron CMC Warta Zawiercie has a surprise for fans – a new technological partner. It was Stellis, a company specializing in digitization of sports clubs. At the beginning of the cooperation, it implemented the new Stellis One ticketing system! Tickets and season tickets for Zawiercie matches can now be purchased at

The Aluron CMC Warta Zawiercie ticket platform is built on an innovative and modern basis the Stellis One system, which is designed specifically for sports organizations. Product enables convenient and effective management of the ticket sales process, ensuring unparalleled control and a great experience for both fans and staff. Among the Stellis One tools Ticketing we can find a promotion module that allows you to reduce the price of selected tickets based on defined criteria or a club ID management module and tickets and privileges for VIP ticket holders, which enhances transparency and security.

– I am glad that the third PlusLiga club is selling tickets for Stellis One. I’m sure, that the system will meet the expectations of the club’s fans. – says Łukasz Gąsiorowski, CEO of Stellis.

The aim of the partnership is to improve the quality of the ticket sales system, and then the website and marketing automation. Each of the implemented tools is intended to help bring Zawiercie fans closer to their fans Club and facilitate the use of key electronic services. Digitization is a big challenge for sports clubs and at the same time a necessity if they want to keep up behind your fans. Hence the need to acquire a new technological partner who will take over introducing Ślepsk into the digital era. Stellis will gradually implement the Stellis One platform club IT tools. Work will start with the ticketing system and in subsequent stages. The cooperation will also cover the website and marketing automation.