Stellis partners with K2 Zaborowscy Foundation!

We are pleased to announce that the Stellis brand, as an official technology partner, joins the group of friends of the K2 Zaborowscy Foundation. The charity founded by Karolina Kowalkiewicz and Łukasz Zaborowski will be using the Stellis One ticketing system!

The K2 Zaborowscy Foundation was founded by Karolina and Łukasz Zaborowski. Karolina (formerly Kowalkiewicz) is a mixed martial artist who fights in the UFC, the most prestigious federation in the world. She was also a contender for the strawweight belt in this organization, and was the first woman to win the Confrontation of Martial Arts (KSW) championship. Łukasz is a martial arts trainer, and under his wings he has many other fighters performing at UFC or KSW galas. He is also a trainer of the Polish national MMA team.

In addition to active sports, Karolina and Łukasz Zaborowscy find time for charity. The goal of the Foundation is to fulfill the dreams of children who do not have the opportunity to pursue their passions. They often lack money for training or the clubs themselves struggle with problems. Thanks to the support of the K2 Foundation, every child can find their path in life, all thanks to funding scholarships, organizing sports camps, as well as classes and seminars in smaller towns.

– We want to help children reach their own peak. Through sport, we can pull them out of depression or bad company. We also want to help those who, due to injuries, cannot continue to pursue their passions. We also remember about the youngest – many of them did not choose their fate and start their lives without their parents. We want to show that despite a difficult start, they can reach any peak – say Karolina and Łukasz.

Stellis, as a brand operating in the sports-tech industry, wants to develop not only in business terms, but also to start charity cooperation. That is why we decided to help the K2 Zaborowscy Foundation, which will be able to use the ticketing system based on the Stellis One platform.

– We met Łukasz Gąsiorowski, CEO of Stellis, a year ago during the European Economic Forum and listening to the story of the rapid development of the brand, we knew that establishing cooperation with our Foundation was a matter of time. We are glad that we reached an agreement very quickly, and Stellis showed a big heart and willingness to help our charges, because it is for them that we will organize ticketed events. We can’t wait to announce the first of them, the more that today we are confident about selling tickets thanks to the implementation on the Stellis One platform – say Karolina and Łukasz Zaborowscy.

– So far, we have mainly cooperated with federations, clubs and sports institutions, and today we are also expanding our activities with the charity aspect. Following the activities of the K2 Foundation, I know that Karolina and Łukasz Zaborowscy are people with a big heart, and thanks to their initiatives, people in need of support receive this help. Our conversations were short and specific, because helping children is the most important thing. This is certainly just the beginning of our charity cooperation, and today we can be happy that we are contributing to the smile of children – adds Łukasz Gąsiorowski.

In the coming days, the K2 Zaborowscy Foundation will announce the first charity event for which those willing will be able to buy tickets through the ticket system based on the Stellis One platform.