Stellis One Typer for Fortuna 1 Liga

Stellis as Digital Partner of Fortuna 1 Liga, prepared a special module that will enable fans to predict first-league matches. The best will receive prizes prepared e.g. by the title sponsor of the tournament, Fortuna. Typer is available at

Stellis One Typer is to encourage fans to become even more involved in the league, follow the results and matches, and further enrich their experience and allow them to compete in betting in the form of fun.

Stellis One Typer is an interactive platform that will allow fans to bet on the results of matches. It is another, third element (after the website and the ticketing system) of the comprehensive Stellis One platform. The central idea behind Stellis One is to put fans in the center of attention, ensuring their involvement and active participation in league events.

  • – We thank Fortuna 1. Liga for entrusting us with another task on a new side. We are very happy with the first implementation of Stellis One Typer! For the League, it is primarily another step in building an even stronger relationship with fans, but also the start of a long process of building a fan base – says Łukasz Gąsiorowski, CEO of Stellis.

Here are some features and possibilities that Stellis One Typer can offer:

-Betting on match results: Fans will be able to bet on the results of individual Fortuna 1 Liga matches. They will be able to choose which team will win, whether the match will end in a draw, as well as predict the goal score.
-Rankings and Prizes: Supporters who participate in the betting may be placed in the rankings depending on their performance. There will be a scoring system that awards points for correct picks, and at the end of each round and round, the best picks will receive prizes,
The website will show the general, club and after each round ranking,
Typer Insights: Fans will be able to track their betting stats, such as the number of correct picks, accuracy of bets, and other information that will allow them to analyze their results and improve their predictions.
In the future, it will be possible to integrate with other features of the Fortuna 1 Liga website, such as team profile, news, to create a consistent experience for fans.