Ruch Chorzow double promotion! To PKO BP Ekstraklasa with a new ticket system!

Ruch Chorzów returns to the highest football league level after six years! Ruch won promotion to PKO BP Ekstraklasa on the pitch last Saturday. Together with the promotion to the sports elite prepared a surprise for the fans. You can buy tickets for home matches of Chorzów already today on the Stellis One Ticketing platform!

Ruch Chorzow established cooperation with the Stellis brand in July last year. The new technological partner of one of the most successful Polish football clubs has designed and implemented an innovative website based on the Stellis One platform, which allows not only efficient and easy website management, but also, among other things, for its integration with social media channels.

At the moment of the official start of cooperation with Ruch, Łukasz Gąsiorowski, CEO of Stellis, announced that this is only the beginning of changes and improvements that will be introduced by the new technological partner of the club. – We already have ideas that the fans of Ruch will surely like, and at the same time there are measurable benefits. We also care about the development of the Chorzów club and I am convinced that the entire Blue community will be satisfied – said the head of Stellis at the time.

Now words turn into deeds, because with Ruch’s promotion to PKO BP Ekstraklasa, the club also wants to develop technologically. Stellis developers have been working on a new ticketing system for the Chorzów club for several months. All this so that a large number of Ruch fans can easily buy season tickets of their beloved team at the highest level.

– As a longtime football fan, I believe that the place of the Chorzów team is in the elite. Therefore, I would like to congratulate the players, staff, board, staff and the entire club community on a great return to the salons. As the club’s technology partner, we were preparing for this event. The fruit of our joint work is a new ticketing system – adds Łukasz Gąsiorowski.

Ruch’s ticketing platform is built on the innovative and modern Stellis One Ticketing system. It is designed specifically for sports organizations. The product enables convenient and effective management of the ticket sales process, it also allows you to build your own fan base, manage seats, introduce discounts and promotions, start crowdfunding and release season tickets, which is to maximizing attendance and increasing revenue from each event.

– Ruch will also have access to detailed sales reports and participant data, and as a technology partner, we will constantly analyze trends, identify areas for improvement and propose further solutions – emphasizes Łukasz Gąsiorowski.

Seweryn Siemianowski, President of the Management Board of Ruch Chorzów SA, does not hide that he is happy with the possibility of extending cooperation with the Stellis brand.

– We’ve known each other for over a year, because we were negotiating even before the implementation of our new website and I must admit that establishing cooperation with Stellis, which became our technological partner, was a bull’s-eye. Today I am completely calm about our digital area, even now when we play outside Chorzów, and in the future we have a move to the Silesian Stadium. In PKO BP Ekstraklasa, there is no room for slip-ups. I am convinced that the fans will appreciate our joint work and, above all, will be happy to use our new ticketing system. See you in Ekstraklasa! – says the helmsman of the Chorzów club.

The sale of tickets for Ruch’s home matches in the 2023/2024 season starts on Monday 5th June.