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About Stellis ONE

Complete digital universe for sport organisations, which aims to add value by integrating digital presence (CMS, PPV), fan base (CRM), e-commerce (ticketing, e-store, marketing automation), sport analytics and even documents workflow within the organisation.

We put fans in the center of the ecosystem.

Thanks to an extensive database you can benefit from marketing, sales analytics and personalised communication.

Stellis ONE provides unification of IT systems within the club and improvement of the digital user experience.

The CMS system will allow full implementation of all assumptions, specifications and it will extend it by additional functions.

Professionalization and cost reduction of ticket distribution. Integration with purchasing history and marketing automation.  PPV access for fans who bought a pass but report absence on a match. Ability to integrate with promo codes.

The entire solution is based on one system logging in.  Convenience for users. Enables gathering in-depth user knowledge base.

Advertisement  of offers among other media. Shop system available on a basic open source. Integration with payment and delivery systems.

70% of website users prefer mobile. Dedicated mobile applications. An additional effective communication channel. Push notifications to fans.

A video service accessible to every club. Standardization of broadcasts. Match analysis tools.

Computer Vision

Acquiring, processing and analyzing video image to understand more about the play.

Integration of the broadcast within the club’s website will ensure the promotion of matches. Embedding a vod player on the website will have a positive effect on viewership statistics. The club/league will gain information on the number of accesses purchased by individual fans. In the future it can be connected with the marketing automation mechanism.

Communication with fans made automatic. Clubs/ Leagues can have multiple communication channels with users and provide the best fan experience ever.

Central database of users of all IT systems of clubs/leagues. Automatic database segmentation.

Support for the licensing and official communication between the league and clubs. Handling the circulation of documents within the league/club. Archiving contracts. A central base for all club’s procedures.

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