Next step in digital transformation of Superliga – Stellis One

Websites with a modern design, a unified content distribution system, and in the future an integrated database for user management and ticket sales – Superliga sp.z o.o., as the first professional league in Poland, relies on a unified IT system. This is the result of extensive cooperation with Stellis. Two club websites have already been opened, and a dozen more will be released this year.

Digital transformation is one of the key elements of the strategy implemented by Superliga in the field of promoting the highest level of handball games in Poland. In recent years, the organization has built one of the most modern virtual press offices, and the Superliga mobile application is already used by several thousand fans.  They have access to an advanced match center, they can also evaluate players and choose MVP of matches in real time .

– Investments in new technologies are extremely important in increasing the level of communication with fans, their experience of sports events and the effective implementation of sponsorship agreements. We have carried out several successful digital projects in recent years, and now is the time to introduce a unified standard for club websites with the Stellis One platform. This is an innovation that will allow us to make the league and individual clubs even more professional in terms of marketing and organization, because we are inspired by the largest sports entities in the world. What is extremely important, this is only the first step in building the next modules of the platform, thanks to which clubs will have an extensive, unified tool for communicating with fans and sponsors. – says Piotr Należyty, President of Superliga sp.z o.o.

Quick, clean and stylish

“Mobile first” – this is the main assumption of the Stellis One platform and the most visible change in the new websites for every fan. The idea is to make the website as user-friendly as possible for every handball fan. Today it is not enough just to create it. Fans must be attracted by a modern design and a carefully thought-out graphic layout.

The visual effect is only the tip of the iceberg. The heart of a modern website is the integration of all IT systems. This is a great help for club editors, because the tables, results and schedule are automatically updated from the Superliga website. The website is also integrated with club social media profiles. As a result, the content is automatically published on the website as soon as it is made available in the relevant channels. Thanks to this, information will reach the fans even faster.

– Our Stellis One platform equips clubs with an easy-to-use interface, which allows not only trouble-free website management, but also saves time. This is an important argument because we realize that there is always not enough of it for marketing and communication activities in sports clubs. We provide fans with a responsive, constantly updated website that is intuitive. In fact, you can find everything on it: from basic information, through multimedia materials, to social media entries. Superliga sp.z o.o. was the first league in Poland to decide to implement a unified system for the entire game, which is a true digital transformation. We are very proud that we can participate in such a great project with such a recognized brand and have an impact on the professionalization of Polish handball. I am convinced that by implementing the Stellis One platform, we will give fans, sponsors and clubs an ideal tool to keep up to date with the tournament – says Łukasz Gąsiorowski, CEO of STELLIS.

The first pages are already in use, further integrations are planned

The effects of many months of work of Superliga and Stellis can be seen on the first two club websites that have been opened. The new platform can be proud of the clubs that play in the PGNiG Superliga competitions: Piotrkowianin Piotrków Trybunalski and Torus Wybrzeże Gdańsk. The websites for the next clubs will be delivered until the end of 2022.

But that’s not all. In the next stages, the system dedicated to PGNiG Superliga will soon be integrating ticketing, online store, marketing automation and CRM. Basing all these tools on a common system will allow building a valuable fan base, and then the development of club loyalty programs.