Mobile Trends Awards distinction for Fortuna 1 Liga website

We are coming back from Krakow with the Mobile Trends Awards 2024 Distinction for the project for Fortuna 1 Liga.

The website of Fortuna 1 Liga on Stellis One platform maed it to the TOP 4 of the best sites in 2023, next big brands like Itaka, Hebe and LPP. It is a reason to celebrate! Congratulations to the winners! We would like to thank the fans for their positive feedback and voting. We put you at the center of every decision we make in this and every sports project. Thank you #Stellisteam for your involvement in the project

The new Fortuna 1 Liga website, built on the Stellis One Platform, redefines the fan experience by placing them at the center of events. A number of integrations with league partners, such as the title sponsor of the competition Fortuna or the statistical company Statscore, allow fans to monitor current odds, view player and team statistics, and compare the achievements of clubs and players using radar charts. Additionally, the website allows for better exploration of videos published by the league and clubs on YouTube, as well as league projects such as Player of the Month. The website is expanded with a Typer tab, which is intended to encourage fans to become even more involved in the league, follow results and matches, as well as to further enrich their experience and enable them to compete in betting on results in a fun way.

“From the beginning, we perceived this website as a breakthrough innovation in the Polish sports industry. We focused particularly on UX/UI aspects, following the latest trends and adapting them to the requirements of sports fans. Our goal was to provide easy access to rich knowledge, while not forgetting about the exposure of sponsors and partners. We encourage you to vote for our project and support innovation in the world of football! – says Łukasz Gąsiorowski, CEO of Stellis, Partner of Digital Fortuna 1 Liga, website developer.

Mobile Trends Awards statuettes have been awarded since 12 years, and the results of this year’s edition will be announced on March 21 during a gala in Krakow. Fortuna 1 Liga will fight for first place and a statuette with LPP, Hebe and Itaka in the Mobile Web category. The winner will be selected by the Competition Jury. Internet users also have the opportunity to cast their votes, awarding one in each category. Projects distinguished by Internet users’ votes will receive additional points in the fight for first place and a statuette. In addition, among all the projects, a special Internet user prize will be awarded to the project that receives the highest number of votes.