Hello world, It is STELLIS galaxy here!

We are happy to announce that last week we launched our new brand, STELLIS. 

STELLIS is the Latin word for Stars. We believe everyone is a star, waiting to be uncovered. 

STELLIS shines brightly the way to the digital universe for all sport organisations that seek technology partners. We will be leading the stars. Our mission is to design, build and create world leading technologies, products and services for all sport organisations so that all the fans can enjoy the same professional digital experience. 

“You do sports, we take care of your digital ” – summed up Łukasz Gasiorowski, brand initiator and founder – “Sport clubs and organisations can now focus on what they are best at, on sport. We shall transform their word to digital”. By “we” he understands not just managers and developers but also innovators, parents and students of life who all together contribute to the success of the new brand. 

With STELLIS we shine bright – together. Join our constellation.