The idea of Stellis
was supported by EU grants

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Project value: PLN 2 101 010.00

European Funds Contribution: PLN 1 616 272.75

The aim of the project:

  • Produce visually attractive recordings
  • Generate action shortcuts
  • Generate basic match statistics

The final product will be targeted at:

  • Couches
  • Scouts
  • Clubs
  • Players
  • Lower leagues
  • Media/ broadcast

The goal of the project is:

  • creation of a platform consisting of the Stellis ISVP system and the Sport Data Hub
  • increase the competitiveness of Stellis in the domestic market

The final product will target:

By discipline:

  • Soccer
  • Indoor soccer
  • Handball

By discipline:But also other sports: badminton, golf, rugby, basketball, volleyball and others.

Broken down by type of team/organization:

  • Clubs from lower sports leagues,
  • Amateur sports clubs,
  • Sports nurseries
  • Amateur leagues and business clubs
  • Professional clubs
  • Sports federations
  • Sports leagues

Project value: PLN 1 013 520,00 

European Funds Contribution: PLN 700 400.00