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The new Fortuna 1 Liga website, built on the Stellis One Platform, redefines the fan experience by placing them at the center of events. A number of integrations with league partners, such as the title sponsor of the competition Fortuna or the statistical company Statscore, allow fans to monitor current odds, view player and team…

The new Fortuna 1 Liga website, built on the Stellis One Platform, redefines the fan experience by placing them at the center of events. A number of integrations with league partners, such as the title sponsor of the competition Fortuna or the statistical company Statscore, allow fans to monitor current odds, view player and team statistics, and compare the achievements of clubs and players using radar charts.

About the project

Stellis One WWW as the base

The priority when designing the website and the dedicated Typer tab was to create a tool that not only provides fans with access to rich match statistics, live coverage of matches and all relevant information about the league and clubs, but also enables them to actively participate and have fun through betting match results.
The new Fortuna 1 Liga website is revolutionizing the way fans experience football in the digital age. Thanks to cooperation with league partners, such as the statistical company Statscore or the sponsor Fortuna, the website automatically provides reliable information, such as team lineups, match schedules with results, and visualizations of player and club statistics. Automation and integration are possible by setting up the website on the Stellis One platform, dedicated to sports clubs and organizations. The platform uses this data in various ways, for example by combining matches with match highlights from YouTube, which allows fans to be fully engaged in each match event. Additionally, fans no longer have to look for information about individual clubs on their own, because all the necessary data is available on one integrated platform.
The new Fortuna 1 League website is distinguished by a modern approach to user interface design, focusing primarily on the mobile version (68% of website users are mobile users). Clean lines, aesthetic layouts and harmonious colors create a visually coherent whole, emphasizing the modernity and professionalism of the website. The use of an innovative “smart cropping” solution guarantees excellent quality of all photos on various devices. This technological adaptation to the modern needs of mobile users has already been noticed in the Mobile Trends Awards competition, where the website was placed among the top 4 best mobile websites of 2023.

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“The change of the website is another step towards the professionalization of the league and the introduction of solutions that will make it easier for fans to contact the league. A huge advantage of the introduced system is the fact that on every device – regardless of whether it is a laptop, phone or tablet – the website will look clear and legible”.

Marcin Janicki, The president of Fortuna 1 Liga

Dedicated Stellis One Typer tab

Together with the new website, Fortuna 1 Liga has provided fans with a dedicated Typer tab, which not only engages fans in interactive fun, but also integrates with other functions of the Fortuna 1 Liga website, creating a coherent experience for the fan community. The tab has the longest time on the page, on average 3 min 53 sec (compared to 1 min 12 sec average time on the page).
Typer offers a range of features and capabilities such as:
Bet on match results: Fans can predict the results of individual Fortuna 1 Liga matches, choosing a winner, a draw or predicting a goal score.
Rankings and awards: Bettors are placed in rankings depending on the accuracy of their picks. The scoring system awards prizes to the best guessers at the end of each round and round.
Bettor Statistics: Fans can track their betting statistics, allowing them to analyze their results and improve their predictions.

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Fan Engagement

Creating unique experiences for fans: Stellis One Typer provides fans with the opportunity to actively participate in the life of the league by predicting match outcomes. It’s not only fun, but also an exciting experience that allows fans to feel more engaged and close to their favorite teams.

Active online and offline community engagement: The platform enables fans to actively participate in their club’s community both online, by predicting matches and competing with other fans, and offline, by participating in special events and rewarding loyalty.

Innovative loyalty programs: Stellis One Typer rewards fans for their commitment and loyalty through a scoring system, rankings and prizes for the best bettors. This makes fans feel appreciated and important to the league and their club, which builds strong bonds between the team and its fans.

As a result, Stellis One Typer creates a dynamic and engaged community of fans who feel an inseparable part of their club and actively participate in its life both virtually and in real life.

The tools

Stellis One Platform: This is the main tool that was used to build the website. This platform provides tools for creating and managing websites for sports organizations.

User Interface Design Software: Tools such as Adobe XD, Sketch, Figma and InVision were used to design the user interface of the website.

Integration with Statscore and Fortuna systems via API was used to provide unattended updates of team lineups, schedules and results, competition tables, individual and team statistics, and match odds of the competition sponsor. The data is used both on the website and in the match results betting competition available to fans.

Version control and project management systems: Tools such as Bitbucket and the project management system – Jira were used to manage the source code and coordinate the work of the programming team.

To ensure maximum availability and efficiency of the implemented system, infrastructure implementation and management tools such as Docker and Kubernetes were used, and the entire system is hosted in the AWS cloud, which ensures stability, scalability and strengthens the organization’s data security.

“I would like to thank the president, Marcin Janicki, for the trust he placed in us by entrusting us with the task of creating a new website and Typer. Becoming a Digital Fortuna 1 Liga Partner is not only an opportunity for us to provide a unique experience for fans, but also an expression of our commitment to the development of Polish football”.

Łukasz Gąsiorowski, CEO Stellis

SPORTBIZ Awards 2024

At the 20th SPORTBIZ Awards 24 Gala, which took place on April 10, 2024 in Warsaw, Fortuna 1 Liga won an award in the Fan Engagement category for the implementation of Stellis One Typer.

This is the first award for the website after a number of nominations in several competitions. At the 3rd Sport Biznes Gala, Poland took second place in the Digital Transformation 2023 category. In turn, in the Mobile Trends Awards 2023 competition, the cooperation between Stellis and Fortuna 1 liga received a distinction in the Mobile Web category, placing in the top four best mobile websites in Poland last year.

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