Lucky 13th launch for Superliga

As many as seven MKS PR URBIS players have recently decided to stay at the club in Gniezno for the next season. This is very good news for the newly promoted PGNiG Women’s Superliga in terms of sports, but we also have excellent news when it comes to organizational and marketing issues of the club. MKS PR URBIS can boast of a new website created by Stellis.

The design and implementation of the new MKS PR URBIS website is the result of extensive cooperation between PGNiG Superliga and the Stellis brand. Since last year, a change of shop windows has been systematically implemented in all top-class women’s handball clubs in Poland. Unifying the club pages of individual teams is an intended marketing and media operation, especially since Superliga sp. z o.o. it was performed as the first professional league in Poland. These activities have been noticed by the sports and business industry and nominated for the prestigious Sport Biznes Polska awards in the category of Digital Transformation 2022.

– This is our 13th implementation for the Superliga! We are very proud that we can participate in such a great project with such a recognized brand and have an impact on the professionalization of Polish handball. I am convinced that by implementing the Stellis One platform, we will give fans, sponsors and clubs an ideal tool to keep up with the competition – says Łukasz Gąsiorowski, CEO of Stellis.

Nowadays, it is not easy to convince fans to visit websites, because the information sphere is dominated by social media. However, the clubs are well aware that the official website is a very important communication channel that should not be forgotten. However, it is important to create an intuitive website that will be positively received by the fans.

That is why the new website was created by the aforementioned Stellis brand, which has been implementing technological solutions for sports institutions and clubs for years. As Łukasz Gąsiorowski mentioned, the website of the team from Gniezno is built on the Stellis One platform, which allows you to use an easy-to-use interface. This, in turn, translates not only into trouble-free website management, but also saves time.

What is the uniqueness of the new MKS PR URBIS website? First of all, information can be found in an easy way, and the website is also connected to the club’s social media.

– Thanks to the website based on the Stellis One platform, fans of MKS PR URBIS can find everything in one place: from official club information, through profiles of players, photo galleries, video materials to entries in social media. Everyone can find what they are interested in and deepen their knowledge about the club – explains Łukasz Gąsiorowski.

Stellis has also prepared a number of facilities for club editors. The results, schedule and table are directly imported from the official PGNiG Women’s Superleague website, so MKS PR URBIS employees will not have to manage them on their own. Another very important function is smart cropping.

– It is an innovative system of indicating key points in photos added to the system. On this basis, the platform itself supervises the framing in all photo formats adapted to individual resolutions of end devices – says Łukasz Gąsiorowski, CEO of STELLIS.

– In terms of sports, we are on the right track, the team is heading towards the goal of remaining in the PGNiG Women’s Superleague. But we also want to develop organizationally and in terms of marketing – the next step in this direction is the new website implemented by the Stellis brand. I hope the fans will like the changes, because the site is certainly more functional and intuitive. – says Arkadiusz Koronka, President of MKS PR URBIS Gniezno.